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The Trans-Siberian of Italy is the most panoramic railway


They call it the Trans-Siberian of Italy and it is the panoramic railway line that from Sulmona , in the province of L’Aquila, passes through Roccaraso, a town in the Alto Sangro mountain community, and that then arrives in Campo di Giove , in the heart of the Majella National Park . It is a historic railway line, abandoned by ordinary buses.

A winding and difficult railway that crosses mountains and narrow gorges. Starting from Sulmona at 328 meters of altitude it reaches the highest altitude of the boot with the 1,268.82 meters.

He walks the so-called Path of Forgiveness . The journey through Abruzzo from Sulmona to Palena (CH) is an unprecedented experiential journey that leads to the discovery of the routes of taste, culture, art, active vacation and fun.

A spectacular track that alone is worth a trip, through large and small inhabited centers, where history has left numerous and valuable traces together with craft traditions still practiced today.

It’s a bit like watching a live documentary, with images flowing from the train windows. On board a historic convoy with “centoporte” and “terrazzini” carriages built between 1920 and 1930, pulled by the D445.1145 diesel locomotive for the occasion colored with the classic green and brown FS livery, you can relive the whole atmosphere almost a century ago, when travelers took their seats on those same wooden benches.

The Path of Forgiveness includes five spiritual and humanistic paths : On the steps of the Popes, On the steps of Celstino, On the steps of Francis, On the steps of the shepherds and On the steps of knowledge.

Following the traces of ancient historical events dating back to the 13th century, at the end of the medieval period, the Celestinian Movement reconstructed, according to the current geographical and environmental vision, the paths that characterized that era.

Among the most important places of the time, and on the history and life of San Pietro Celestino V and of the other important figures of that period (Federico II, the Sultan El Kamil, St. Francis of Assisi), five stupendous and unique paths are born tourist that cross unknown destinations and guarantee a journey not only physical, but also emotional.

It is therefore not a question of simple tourist routes, but of instruments for enhancing the territory, open to all cultures, to all religions, to all people of any social condition.

It is called “the small Trans-Siberian” due to the abundant snowfall in the winter period which makes it resemble the true Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostok.

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