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Ready for an adventure trip? Careful, you have (almost) definitely 10 dangers to deal with!


How exciting it is to go on an adventure trip ! No pre-set program, no obligatory stop, no all-inclusive resort with the animators who drag you to group dances, or do yoga on the beach at sunrise. Be careful, though: starting the adventure does not shelter you from the hazards . And there is no toll-free number ready to save you, in case your holiday is not going exactly as per (non) program. Let’s see what the most common drawbacks are.

The zealous traveling companions . Traveling aimlessly, backpacking and dressed in onion, makes you an easy “prey”. Anyone who has chosen to travel the same way, feels entitled to sit next to you and talk to talk talk. Obviously, he will tell you that he did everything first, better and bigger than you. The weapon of defense? Ear muffs. Always .

The inappropriate looks . Present those very high backpacks, which exceed a person’s head by one and a half times? They are typical of an adventure trip. And, even if they seem enormous, in reality for one thing they have no space: chic clothing. Can you see a backpackers taking a white shirt and a pair of folded trousers out of his backpack? Here, if you choose to go on an adventure, know that – if you tried to enter a chic club – you would bounce back . Or, in the (rare) case where I could cross her threshold, you’ll feel like Indiana Jones at Queen Elizabeth’s court.

The bathrooms (these too for the adventure) . An adventurous vacation does not include nights in luxurious suites or splendid marble bathrooms in five-star hotels. Often, you will find yourself wandering around the city looking for a toilet that is at least usable. Try to close one eye (and possibly even the nose ), cover everything with toilet paper and go, forget about it.

The rooms above the restaurant . Hours 22.00, hunger has now taken possession of you: you stop to eat something, anything, in a questionable tavern. Which, incidentally, also has some rooms. It doesn’t seem real to you: you can go to sleep immediately, with a full stomach. But are you sure that the next morning, you really want to remember what you swallowed the night before?

Disorientation (induced). Entering a souq at the moment seems like a brilliant idea. But are you sure you want to face it alone? Finding the exit is (almost) impossible even if you are in a group, but alone, well, the matter becomes serious. You risk going out with at least four sellers hanging, one on each limb. That will tell you that no, you can’t go out. Not before having bought at least 15 meters of silk.

The monsoons . When you found that super discounted flight it didn’t seem real to you: so little to go to the other side of the world? It had to be a sign of destiny. When you get soaked under a Thai monsoon, just think about your bank account. Never mind that now, in your shoes, the dolphins swim.

Taxis. Steps to understand little, even steps to order dishes from a menu with eyes closed (which even if they were open would not make a difference, given that cheap restaurants never have anything translated): but be sure that, in 99 In most cases, the taxi driver will not speak a language you know . And that will always make you the long way.

The camels. How beautiful camels are ! Do you want to not experience the thrill of using them as a means of transport? They are so sweet (as well as cheap). Bad idea: there is nothing more uncomfortable in the world. And you will probably spend the next two days with an ice bag on the backside.

Cheap hotels . Why does that hotel cost so little? It doesn’t even look bad! Of course, from the outside: as soon as you lay down in bed, you will understand that they saved on the building material . And that, between you and the fiery couple in the other room, there are barely three centimeters.

Buses . Taking a local bus surrounded by the locals is actually an interesting experience. But if you choose to travel alone on a long journey, without being able to make conversation, without books (because in a backpack where you put it in a book) and with a film in Mongolian language projected in a loop, after 50 kilometers all you will think is to start from window.

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