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Cayos Cochinos, the island of the famous


We are in Honduras , in the Caribbean Sea , more precisely in the wild Cochinos Islands , now known to most for the reality show The Island of the Famous . During the year there are only 100 people living there, but when it is invaded by VIPs (especially former VIPs) the population doubles.

Cayos Cochinos , also known as Hog Cays , is a small archipelago located north-east of La Ceiba . It includes 11 islets and two islands: Cayo Cochino Mayor and Cayo Cochino Menor. They are the islands of the Garifuna ( indigenous ), a people devoted mainly to fishing.

Having become a biological reserve to protect one of the rarest parts of the coral reef in the Caribbean (along with that of Belize), they belong administratively to the Isla de la Bahia group , with its chief town Roatan , also famous for being a scuba diver’s paradise.

An idyllic archipelago to spend a relaxing, snorkeling and sunbathing holiday.

The nearest airport to the islands is La Ceiba , a town on the Honduran coast, a few miles south of the islands. From Italy there are still no flights with stopovers in La Ceiba, but from our country you can land in Tegucigalpa , the capital, with affordable fares.

To reach La Ceiba from the capital you can take an internal flight. While to reach the archipelago, the best means is the bus from La Ceiba to the village of New Armenia where ferries leave for the islands.

The Plantation Beach Resort, in Cochino Mayor, is the historic resort that offers diving , snorkeling and kayaking excursions around the neighboring islands.

Those looking for a cheaper formula can find accommodation in Chachauate at the village of the Garifuna where it is possible to sleep and eat with 100 lempira , the equivalent of 3.6 euros.

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